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I travel extensively for my job as an actor. I just write the name of the city and in no time at all I have a list of motels in every price range and amenity range. I do nuts and bolts, so spas and such are not much consideration, but I have always enjoyed the ease to use.
Ana Johnsom
I recently booked a week long holiday completely. The important aspects of our trip was covered perfectly with them. We have done a fair amount of travel and belong to many Hotel clubs. But, they blew the walls off the high prices offered by these Hotel clubs.
Arthur Samson
Very easy to use and was fast response to questions I had prior to booking. On one occasion, I had to cancel and rebook for a later time, and they were very helpful.
Maria Startson
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What is our website?

We are a metasearch engine that compares accommodation prices and offers provided to us by many different online booking sites.

Is the price indicated guaranteed?

Because we do not set the prices ourselves, we are unable to guarantee the final price of the accommodation. We do everything in our power to ensure that the information you see is accurate and up to date.

Why does the price sometimes change when I’m redirected to an accommodation provider?

We are a search engine, so we do not set the prices ourselves. Prices and availability change all the time on the basis of information supplied by the travel services provider.

Problems after being redirected to a partner’s site

If you experience a problem when making your booking, we recommend contacting the provider you are making a booking with. We do not have access to the booking systems or websites of its providers.

Missing accommodation or provider

We update our database daily, but it is possible that you are not able to find particular accommodation or a certain provider

Can I book in my currency?

There may be some providers who do not offer the option of booking their products in your choice of currency.

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